Why it is necessary to follow traffic rules?

Traffic rules have been made for the benefit of people, so they can protect their lives and the lives of other people on the road. These laws should not only be understood and followed by the driver, but by the pedestrians and cyclists too.

The rules is important

If people follow speed limits, it reduces the risk of fatal injuries.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents occur across the globe, resulting in thousands of deaths. The major reason for these accidents to happen is the failure in obeying the rules. If everyone understands and follows the traffic rules we can save thousands of lives.

Many people take pride in breaking the traffic rules and now it has almost become a trend. It’s fine to have fun and be adventurous, but people can also do it by following the law. You should remember, by ignoring the rules not only you are putting your life in danger but the lives of other people as well.

If traffic rules are followed it can minimize accidents and deaths. It would save people from paying hundreds of dollars for repairing their vehicles. Traffic signals, speed limit signs, and barricades help in maintaining the flow of traffic. If people respect these regulatory measures and act upon them, a sense of discipline would prevail resulting in fewer accidents.

Following the guidelines is important for the safety of the pedestrians as well. If the flow of the traffic is unorganized and people are ignoring the guidelines, it would be difficult for pedestrians to cross the road. Crossing the road in a hurry could result in an accident and you could have to face a lawsuit too. Where it is important for drivers to follow the guidelines and make it easy for pedestrians, they themselves need to be obedient too.

Following traffic rules can save lives, money, and prevent a chaotic situation. If society as a whole follows the rules this means it’s going in the right direction. It helps a nation to be more disciplined and understand the importance of laws.